About me

Hello and welcome to my blog flavour!

My name is Elaina and I live in the heart of the Canadian prairies in a sweet little city called Winnipeg.

I am a designer by trade and a photographer by passion! I have been growing this passion alongside design over the last 10 years. My design training and experience are mainly based in lighting, which let’s face it, is what photography is all about. This took me to the UK for a couple of years where I lived in London and worked as a lighting designer. Now being back in Canada, I’ve been actively involved in the design industry where I even worked as a Wine Cellar Design Consultant for awhile. This really drew out my passion for wine. Now I’m working as an Interior Designer for a wonderful studio called S3 Interior Design. Life couldn’t be better!

I can honestly tell you, when I bought my very first manual film camera for architecture school, I was hooked…no turning back! Photography would forever be part of my life…

So how do I marry my passions? Well, after much experimentation and playfulness, I have decided to focus my photography towards a certain industry…food and wine! Two things in which, coincidentally, I am also completely in love with.

How did I come up with the name ‘flavour’?

Flavour is a fascinating word to me. Not only does it mean “the blend of taste and smell sensations evoked by a substance in the mouth” [Websters] but also “the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people” [free dictionary]. What a great word! What a great way to describe exactly what my blog will be all about.

And so here we are…my food and wine lifestyle blog! A place where I will be happy to share my adventures in food styling as well as food and lifestyle photography. Oh and we must not forget that I will also get to share all the culinary delights that I will be preparing and indulging in! I am challenging myself to push the envelope, think outside of the box and truly develop my own style.

I absolutely love comments and feedback so please feel free to [ contact ] me!

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